The most awaited overseas education webinar by CanApprove is about to happen!

Take part and get to know about,

  • Various opportunities for overseas education
  • Advantages of studying Abroad
  • Insight into UK and Canada education
  • Education in Malta and Georgia
  • How to plan your overseas education
  • And get a chance to clear all your queries and acquaint a detailed information about the services offered by canapprove

Hosted by:

Ms. Koushika, Overseas Education Team Lead
Mr. Benn, Overseas Education Coordinator

Mark your calendar! Don’t miss this opportunity, Make your move to materialize your overseas education dream!!

Register now!

    5th May, 2022
    Time: 06:00 PMĀ  to 07:00 PM(IST)
    Canapprove Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd
    Phone: +91-9597281222